Do you have pain?

Of course you do - you’re a runner.  It may be the pain you feel when you run further or faster than you’re capable of.  Or the day after a long run, an overuse injury or something more acute like a twisted knee or a sprained ankle.  Or for no apparent reason at all. If you push yourself, you will eventually experience pain. 

Nothing is more frustrating

than being sidelined with pain that won't go away.

Mileage Declines

You may not be able to run the miles you need to improve and may even lose fitness

Form Degrades

You may lose your form by compensating for the pain, for example limping, and put yourself at risk for additional injury

Anxiety Increases

Not only do you feel like you are falling behind, but you may be deeply concerned that you are doing addition damage or risking coming back to soon.

Self-image Suffers

Runners are generally pretty tough. Being sidelined by pain, particularly when you’re not sure what’s causing it, can make you feel pretty wimpy.

We can Help

We have helped literally thousands of people get out of pain - sometimes in minutes.

Some of the companies that experienced our tours

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Enjoy the bike ride of your life

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