We bet you have a favorite run – one that you use to measure yourself and your progress.  How would you like to improve on that run?  The next time out?  In whatever way you measure yourself?  We can show you how. In 10 minutes.  By giving yourself more access to the fitness you’ve already earned.

Your brain is holding you back.  Its priority is protecting you (thank goodness) and so when you do something stressful (like running) particularly when you are trying to push the envelope, it wants to pull back on the reins.  And, it has a lot of tools at its disposal to do just that – fatigue, pain, strength, wind, blood flow and muscle recruitment and firing, for example.

We know how to unlock your potential.  To make your brain feel more comfortable with the challenge of your run.  And give you more access to your resources.  And we can show you in just one run.

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